Boerne’s Changing Skyline

A93A7425In a partnership with the city, The Lookout Group has constructed Boerne’s first reclaimed water tank rising 150 feet above Esperanza on Texas Highway 46.  Towering high above the tree line, the green tank with its logos representing the collaborative work between the city and the developer is visible from miles away.  The tank holds approximately 400,000 gallons of treated wastewater which will be used for landscape irrigation.  Not only will this save 240 million gallons of potable water per year for the residents of Boerne, it will be sold to the residents of Esperanza at a substantial discount compared to potable water.


The responsible irrigation practice and forward thinking design of providing reclaimed water to every home is a contributable factor to strong sales in Esperanza.  “Most buyers immediately see the economical and environmental value in reusing water to irrigate lawns,” says Larry Allen, Director of Sales for Monticello Homes. “Esperanza is leading the way in sustainable Texas Hill Country living.”  Ryan Turner, Senior Sales Associate for Scott Felder Homes adds, “Potential buyers understand that the Esperanza development is something special to be of part of and they are extremely receptive to the use of recycled water.  The Lookout Group is doing amazing things for not only residents of Esperanza but also for Boerne by donating land for schools, building roads and planning for the future today.”


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