Residents of Esperanza to “Think Purple” and Keep it Green

Esperanza is a master planned community like no other in Boerne, Texas and is now home to the first ever reclaimed water meter in this booming Hill Country town.  The Lookout Group, the developers of Esperanza, have meticulously planned and designed a place that takes water conservation seriously, and their slogan for this is “Think Purple” since the reclaimed water being used is carried through a distinctive purple pipeline.  With the help of the City of Boerne, efforts have been made to conserve, recycle, and rethink how water is used and make sure there is enough water to keep Boerne growing.  “If you’re looking for a forward thinking place to call home,” Jim Plasek, Executive Vice President of Community Development, says, “Think Purple and save.”

Esperanza is leading by example to conserve water and ensure a safe, reliable, and affordable landscape water supply for its residents.  When asked about the city’s first ever reclaimed water meter, “This is a big deal for Boerne utility customers,” said Mayor Mike Schultz.  “We have invested millions of dollars to create this fourth source of water, for irrigation use, so that our current drinking water supply can support our growing community through at least 2070.”  The first phase of Esperanza’s reclaimed water “purple pipe” infrastructure spans 16,700 linear feet and every home includes a reclaimed meter for irrigation.  According to the City, this reclaimed water system will conserve 240 million potable gallons of water per year at full build out of Esperanza.  That’s equivalent to saving all the water in 364 Olympic sized swimming pools, or one pool per day!

Reclaimed water is most commonly used for non potable (not for drinking) purposes, such as agriculture, landscape, and public parks irrigation.  Rather than dispose of a precious resource, Esperanza will reuse the water to keep lawns green and cost effectively extend irrigating water supplies.  The wastewater to reclaimed water process is relatively simple and constantly monitored to ensure that only high-quality recycled water is distributed.  Water recycling is a critical element for managing Texas’ water resources. Through water conservation and the use of reclaimed water for irrigation purposes, the Esperanza residents can meet environmental needs and still have sustainable development and a viable savings.

Esperanza sprawls across 1,240 acres and will feature 15 miles of trails, a 23-acre city park, an amenity center, two in-community schools in the prestigious Boerne ISD, and its own fire station.  A total of 2,480 homes will be built in the master planned community leaving ample room for outdoor living with 25 percent of Esperanza dedicated to open space.  The developers of Esperanza will be hosting a Grand Opening May 14 – 15 where the public will be invited to explore Esperanza and see how they are conserving Texas’ most valuable resource.

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